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Your Goals Matter

You deserve to work with someone who is just as passionate about your goals as you are.

Foresight Solutions specializes in the development of comprehensive financial plans. Everyone deserves

personalized attention to help them reach their goals because, no matter how big or small, they matter.

We take a holistic planning approach with our clients, considering not only your financial aspirations but your personal goals.

With us, you find a trusted financial advisor for a lifetime who is commitment to align your financial goals with your personal values today and in the future.

Someone who gets you!

Working with individual clients and business owners there is something to be said in partnering with someone who gets you! And I, Liz Kwoka, am in your shoes; I’m a small business owner, a parent, a spouse, who has personal and business goals that I’m striving for. And I'm sure you have your own too.

For individuals, our team works closely with you to help you manage your financial needs through personal

planning and accounting services. For business owners, we work with you to help you overcome stressful and time-consuming, yet necessary, tasks by offering financial and business planning solutions so you can spend more time focused on growing your dream business.

No matter where we are in life, we all have goals!

Your Security and Safety

Foresight Solutions maintains the highest fiduciary relationships with our clients, and we adhere to industry

compliance standards designed to protect you. 


The firm has at its disposal investment management options and products that facilitate our client’s goals. Our relationships with third party providers are based on their ability to deliver products and services our clients need to meet their objectives.

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Do you have a plan that's helping you reach your goals?

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